Friends Of Eber – 2nd Edition | Uncovering the Glorious Hebrew Living Letters

Friends of Eber – Second Edition

Friends of Eber - Second Edition

Friends of Eber is a reference guide designed to introduce readers to the living letters of the Hebrew alphabet. It is a result of forty-six days in the fall of 2017 when Apostle Aaron Smith called the people of The Rock of Mobile to study, meditate on, and engage with the Hebrew letters. Throughout that focused time, five treasured teachers shared their individual knowledge, unique interpretations, and revelations concerning the letters. Their teaching is collected here to provide a path for the Kingdom body to begin to see, hear, and know our friends, the living letters.

New in the Second Edition of Friends of Eber, you’ll find the addition of the Hebrew sofit letters. These are the final forms of the letters Khaf, Mem, Nun, Pey, and Tsade, used only at the end of words.

Co-Authored by the Founder of, Daniel Jedidiah Cook

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