Israel 2024

September 19-30, 2024

Hosted by Daniel Jedidiah and Michelle Cook, Dr Yana Sanders, Darla Fields and Elisabeth Cooper

See Israel from a whole new perspective -
Through the eyes of the Living letters

Tel Aviv Skyline. Cityscape image of Tel Aviv, Israel during sun
Tel Aviv
Visiting Safed in Galilee, Northern Israel
Safed, Northern Israel

Join us as we engage in Israel through the eyes of The Living letters. You will never see Israel the same again. 

Michelle and I, along with Dr. Yana Sanders, Darla Fields and Elizabeth Cooper will be exploring deeply into the mystic beauty and revelation found by visiting The Holy Land.

Israel 2024 – Through the eyes of The Living Letters includes a  10 day  tour of Israel (excluding arrival and departure days) focusing on the ancient mysteries hidden in Torah and in Israel. We will uncover secrets in Galilee, meeting with the Rabbi of the Old Synagogue in Safed, Northern Israel, uncovering the Alter of Melchizedek, the Mount of Olives and numerous other archeological sites. This is not your typical ‘Touristy Israel Trip”. We will be going places that many never see! We have been graced to have one of the foremost archeologists to lead our tour in Israel, Eli Shukrun, who uncovered both the Pool of Siloam and the Alter of Melchizedek. YOU DONT WANT TO MISS THIS!

The cost for this special trip is $4850 and is limited to 50 people. The cost includes Hotels and most Breakfast and Dinners. 

The cost does not include airfare and most lunches. (We do have a few lunches that are included along the trip. the rest of the lunches are on you.)

a Non-Refundable deposit of $500 is required to secure your spot on this special trip. We will send you an email outlining payment schedules for the rest of the costs. If you would like to have a hotel room by yourself, there will be an additional cost of $1375 per person (If you are going by yourself, we will make every attempt to find a room mate for you)

IF YOU PAY THE COMPLETE COST UP FRONT, we have a special surprise just for you. Michelle and I will have dinner and conversation, engaging The Living Letters during the tour. 

If you have any more questions, please email me at [email protected]

We look forward to engaging Israel and The Living letters with you!

Blessings and Shalom!


Day 1, September 19 – Arrive in  Tel Aviv and staying overnight at The Leonardo Natalya Hotel

Day 2, September 20 – Caesarea Maritime, Tel Megiddo, and staying overnight in Galilee at the Nof Ginosar Kibbutz Hotel

Day 3, September 21 – The Galilee Region including the mount of the.Beatitudes, Boat Ride on the Sea of Galilee and includes a fish lunch, Capernaum, Primacy, Magdala and staying overnight in Galilee at the Nof Ginosar Kibbutz Hotel

 Day 4, September 22 – Northern Galilee including Banyas, Tel Dan, Abrahams Gate, Olea Essence, and possibly Hippos. We will again stay overnight in Galilee at the Nof Ginosar Kibbutz Hotel

Day 5, September 23 –Safed, Northern Israel where we will meet with the Rabbi of the Kabbalah Center and Old Synagogue(s), and a great day of Shopping.

Day 6, September 24 – We will visit Qumran, Ein Gedi, and arrive at The Dead Sea. We will be staying overnight at David Dead Sea Resort & Spa

Day 7, September 25 -We will visit Masada, and a Day at The Dead Spa. We will be staying overnight at David Dead Sea Resort & Spa

Day 8, September 26 – A great treat at the Persimmon Farm, Wadi Kelt, Shiloh, and arrive arrive Jerusalem. We will be staying at the Dan Boutique Hotel

Day 9, September 27 – Walking around the City of David, uncovering the secrets of the Altar of Melkitzedek, walking along Rabbi Tunnels, and visiting the Temple Institute. We will be staying at the Dan Boutique Hotel

Day 10, September 28 – Overlooking Jerusalem from the Mt. Of olives, Gethsemane Private Garden, St. Annes, Shopping in the Old City, and Museum. We will be staying at the Dan Boutique Hotel

Day 11, September 29 – Visiting the Bel Caves, an Archeology Dig, the Valley of Alah, and a vast to a Winery. We will be staying at the Dan Boutique Hotel

Day 12, September 30 – 12:00 checkout and departures back home!

View of the Old City Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives with olive trees in the foreground
Mount of Olives
Divine light, sunray in the Gethsemane garden, Mount of Olives, Jerusalem. Biblical place where Jesus was betrayed by Judas
The Garden of Gethsemane