Mystic Science | The Deep Hidden Divine Truth

Mystic Science | The Deep Hidden Divine Truth

Mystic Science and Scripture through the eyes of The Living Letters

Does Science and Scripture really have anything in common? Could Scripture and The Living Letters propel modern theoretical Science to new levels of understanding? What do The Living Letters have to do with this?

Mystic Science | Daniel Jedidiah Cook

This class will begin to answer these and many other questions such as:

  1. The Cosmos and The Infinite Universe Within with Special Guest – Christopher Carter
  2. Time – Is it an illusion?
  3. What are Dimensions? The 6+1+3 Dimensions
  4. Black Holes and The Living Letters
  5. Quantum reality – The Dot that started everything
  6. Energy, Frequency and The God Particle.

These 6 classes will be on consecutive Monday Nights at 8pm Eastern Time US (EST)beginning September 20, 2021. Classes will be about 2 hours and will include Question and Answer time and engaging what the Father has shown us.

We look forward crossing the Dimensions of Time and Space with you!


Mystic Science

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