Online Courses of is proud to offer these online courses to allow you the opportunity to learn, discover some of the depths of the heart of YHVH. You will grow and stretch to new heights of understanding and confidence. We offer both Live classes as well as online classes. We feel that our Live classes offer an opportunity to engage the treasure of YHVH in each other and our online classes fill the void if you are unable to make attend the Live sessions.

Daily Hebrew Declarations

The Living Letters – Mentor Series
At Your Own Pace

TLL-MS At Your Own Pace allows for you to learn more about The Hebrew Aleph-Beit at a time that is more convenient for you.

How Do I Find My Hebrew Name?

Daniel Jedidiah and Michelle Cook along with Special Guest Apostle Craig Wells discusses finding your Hebrew Name.

-Tools for the Journey-

Youtube – Daniel Jedidiah Cook