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The School of The Living Letters (TSLL) 2023

We are pleased to announce enrollment for The School of The Living Letters 2023. We have begun our fourth year and we are now accepting students. The School of The Living Letters is a 1 year study into The Hebrew Living Letters and unique perspective of what each Letter, Word and Concept reveals to each of us. We are a family engaging the deep and mystical realm of our Father!

What will I learn In TSLL?

The School of The Living Letters will dive deep into the prophetic meanings of the Hebrew Living Letters discussing not only the modern Hebrew, but also discuss the earlier versions such as Paleo Hebrew.

We will learn the Hebrew perspective of understanding the Living Letters and go deep in seeing how these Living Letters show us more about who we are in the Father and who He is in us. We will explore how each of us has been given secrets and mysteries to this understanding and engage with one another. 

 Classes will be broken down into 6 semesters beginning January 16, 2023 through November 20, 2023. The Calendar of classes will be provided after signing up. Mentors, students who have already completed TSLL, will be assisting me in Mentoring sessions and in our School Chat. We will be using the “Signal” app. 

During this year we will not only learn the depths of revelation and understanding of The Living Letters, we will also be exploring how we can gain a deeper understanding of scripture by looking at the Hebrew words, definition and The Living Letters. 

What is the cost?

This 1 Year school will have 2 payment options. 

  1. Monthly option – $50 per month for 12 months for a total of $600
  2. Yearly Option – One month FREE for a one time cost of $550
The School of The Living Letters

The School of The Living Letters 2023

Registration is now OPEN. We look forward to engaging The Living Letters with you!

Recommended Books

Friends of Eber

Friends Of Eber Second Edition

In this reference guide designed to introduce readers to the living letters of the Hebrew alphabet, Aaron Smith, Teresa Bowen, Elizabeth Corley, YA Butler and Daniel Jedidiah Cook introduces the reader to Eber, the ancient father who refused to touch the Tower of Babel and through whom Yahweh preserved His language.

The Hebrew Living Letters Journal | Daniel Jedidiah Cook

The Hebrew Living Letters Journal

The Hebrew Living Letters Journal is a great tool to write down what Father is revealing and The Living Letters show you. 

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Aleph-Beyt Handbook by Elizabeth Corley

As one of the Authors of Friends of Eber, Elizabeth has dedicated her life to teaching children about the Hebrew Living Letters. This book is great for both adult and child alike as it breaks down how to write the Hebrew Letters and coloring of pictures that open a revelation of some of the understanding of each Living Letter.

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