Ayin - The Garden gate

Ayin – The Garden Gate

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I close my eyes facing the wind with breath abated

stilling my heart for my wooing Lover
for all the sweetness I have anticipated.
Trees gently swaying with leaves dancing in the breeze as branches like angels descend with encircling rings.
Senses alive
Tingling with delight as birds begin to sing.
My heart beats like a butterfly flutters as I hear the steps of Another.
I breathe in the enveloping fragrance of my approaching Lover.
Misty clouds descend and cover. Feathery wings hover, gently swirling, stirring my inner being with tender delights.
Aromas of love captivate me day and night.

My eyes desire to open and see my approaching Lover King.

Yet as I wait, Your fragrance fills my lungs wafting away my every care.
Gentle breezes caress my hair.
My hands drip with longing of my heart pouring, beating with frequencies of my adoring.
Ah, it is of You the birds do sing.
It is for You butterfly’s flutter and the leaves do dance.
Of You, doorknobs drip with the perfume of wooing into divine romance.
My eyes do not open as I desire.
Looking inward they see higher
See deeper than outward senses can reveal.
Drawing me deeper into fiery desire
into fragrances of finest oil
into gardens grown from blood stained soil.
My face turns upward
looking deep within
moves gently through the misty wind
Inhaling the enveloping breath of Him. Washed in red
Now white as snow
Righteous lover without sin.
Breath as sweet as honeysuckle dew blowing down memory lane
All but You wafts away.
Before me I can see a mirror in the tree of dancing leaves as they clap their hands

Delighting in the reflection I see
my beautiful Lover King

Of whom the birds do sing in the mirror of me.
Oaks rooted deep within, bend and speak what they know.
Beyond my eyes, within Christ the Tree, sparkling rivers of living waters flow
Rippling up from realms within.
O’ be still my heart swooning in the reflection of Him.
Fragrant is my inner room where I breathe You in, giving life to what is beyond that all of me might live
Might bloom
Ascended deep, and high above an empty tomb.
I open my eyes deep inside to see me as I have always been
A mirror reflection of You, my Lover King. My heart is a bird that doth fly and sing.
I do not have an approaching Lover for whom I must with abated breath wait.
For we dwell as one inside my garden gate.

Written by Guest Author, Brenda Craig
Artwork by Brenda Craig


Brenda Craig is a published author, artist, prophetic writer, poet and word psalmist whose desire is to know the Lord in all His fullness.
Her writings reflect a deep intimacy with the Lord and are birthed out of her heavenly encounters and prophetic revelation. Brenda’s lives Psalm 45:1 as the ever flowing and unfolding desire of her life.
My heart burst its banks, spilling beauty and goodness. I pour it out in a poem to the king, shaping the river into words. Psalm 45:1 MSG.

Brenda Craig is the founder of Journals of the Heart . Her books Carvings In His Palm: What God Thinks When He Whispers Your Name and Whispering Grass Singing Waters are now available on Amazon. Kissed by God: Soaking Devotionals is available on CD Baby.

Brenda is a graduate of the International Prophetic Mentoring Council’s prophetic training program (IPMC), founded by internationally recognized prophetic teacher and Psalmist, Mary Lindow.

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