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Once upon a time, once and for all, and before time itself was The Great Puzzle Maker,

His fame renowned throughout the worlds by His ability to create puzzling mysteries able to hide the greatest treasures ever known in plain sight. The mystique of His trade buried deep in the complexities of design yet beautifully simple in execution and form hidden from all except those with the singularity of eyes. It was the Great Puzzle Maker’s greatest desire to build the most intricate of all puzzles, one that would defy all explanation–a puzzle that was deeply intricate, uniquely inseparable, and inescapably dependent upon not only the fullness of the design, but also each individual piece. The Great Puzzle Maker, wished that each piece have a choice. In doing so, He could create the opportunity for each piece to share the treasure inside and discover the boundless treasures of the Other pieces and of the puzzle and also use the treasure for themselves. The Great Puzzle Maker’s intention was for each piece to use this treasure and the mysteries hidden inside. The complexity of this puzzle was infinitely multiplied by the layers where each piece could stand alone as great, but then being connected in all layers of the puzzle, become something far beyond anything they could ever imagine–the greatest treasure of all.

A. Piece, one of the more than 8 billion pieces of the grand puzzle began to contemplate exactly how he fit. He always liked to look around and see how the Other pieces that were around him were fitting in. He noticed some of the pieces seemed to be structured beautifully, their outward form both pleasant and conventional. Some seemed rather flat sided and appeared to have a lot of difficulty fitting in. One thing he had noticed was that each piece was similar but also very unique in form. A. Piece was rather unique. One side of his piece seemed to look like many of the puzzle pieces he knew with knobs to interconnect, but A. had another side that was rather flat and seemed to have difficulty connecting with Other pieces. He had come alongside many Other pieces, and believed he had found a fit, but the pieces didn’t match up quite right. The images that were made when he tried to connect in these ways were ugly or vague as the faces of the pieces came together in partiality.

A. began to look deeper into himself and the questions exploded like a supernova. “What part do I play in this puzzle? Where do I really fit in? Are we all connected? If we are, how?” The deeper he looked, the darker things became.

“I must be on the right path” A. said. “There must be something hidden underneath all of this darkness.”

Directly ahead, A. noticed a tapestry of threads and was intrigued by a single filament. There seemed to be a slight glow around it as if energy and light was running through it. Drawing nearer he began to see this light energy as individual dots running back and forth between what appeared to be the ends of the filament at the borders of both his flat and knobby sides. A. immediately knew that this light energy had to be given to him by The Great Puzzle Maker and pondered how this energy could become brighter. Drawing closer still, he began to see even deeper into the filament. At the core of the light energy there was a brightness beyond compare. The brilliance seemed to take the light and both reflect and refract the true nature of the light emitting from the core of the dot. A. reached out and found the he could reach inside this filament. Suddenly he found himself standing on the inner edge of the filament and could see the beauty of the filament itself. From this perspective the dots he had seen from the darkness began to take form. Reaching out to touch one, he could now see that they were multifaceted diamonds beautifully chiseled in such a way as to be part of a whole new puzzle: a mystery hidden deep inside a mystery. He thought of his own shape and how difficult it seemed for him to be able to find a place to fit. Yet looking deeper into the diamonds he sensed that this was not the case. These diamonds were calling out for connection. He could tell that once they were connected they would, as it were, snap into the place and begin to form something far greater than A. could even imagine.

Looking deeper into the stone, he saw three letters written in Hebrew:


Suddenly A. heard a voice. “You have found the Chayah.” The voice sounded like thunder, yet was as clear as a whisper. As the sound of the voice began to resonate inside of A., he could hear an even clearer voice saying, “You have found The Life of I Am.”

A flood of revelation overcame A. Piece. He saw that this mystery of mysteries was the grand design of The Great Puzzle Maker. How his part in the grand design was both integral and necessary. His responsibility of knowing who he was both from his own perspective and from the perspective of The Great Puzzle Maker allowed him to see that his words, his thoughts, and his actions helped to form the very core of the very unique perspective that he had with The Grand Puzzle. He was necessary, but so were the Others. The filaments were full of treasure and this treasure was there for him to use but it also needed to be connected to the Others. A. knew that somehow the treasure hidden within himself could join with the Others and create a treasure beyond compare.

Finally, A. understood why he was shaped the way he was. On one side, his knobs were perfect for interconnecting with the pieces that he saw all around him. It was a place of give and take, of extending and reaching out and receding and allowing Others to expand. This side of interconnectedness was one he recognized in the pieces around him and had known was valuable all along, yet now he valued it even more, for he saw it in context with his other side.

This side of him, the flat side, had always troubled him. He could never find a way to connect to the Other pieces. It made him feel strange, different, awkward. There had been times he had wished it away, and yet now he finally understood its purpose. It was this side that connected him to the threads, the filament, and the mind of the Great Puzzle Maker Himself. This side allowed him to see and participate in the Life of I Am.

Taken together, the sides of A. Piece could round out his part in the mystery of the Puzzle. He could see the Puzzle Maker clearly from his flat side, his own unique treasure and perspective of the Puzzle Maker’s mind flowing through him on that electrified current that was made of dancing diamonds. And on his knobby side, he could share that vision with Others, and in turn receive their own unique visions and perspectives. He just needed to find them and help awaken their own multifaceted perspective of this Great Puzzle.

Written by Daniel Cook & Cassondra Beers

Artwork by Brenda Craig

Do you want to hear about how A. Piece finds the Others? Please leave a comment and let us know.

15 Comments on “Ego’s Puzzle

  1. This is an eloquent expression of the path. A path to true purpose which will not be activated until the piece finds the place he was designed to be. In this place connection happens and with this connection synergy is the natural consequence of this joining. This is an invitation that also serves as an activation, this invitation activates an internal whisper “come.” One must wonder “is this the invitation to come into connection that could only be birthed in resurrection?” The “come” within this piece sees that this puzzle is unlike any other puzzle. Indeed this is an ancient puzzle, filled with ancient paths. This ancient puzzle beckons to come into the realm where comparison and competition do not exist. Pieces begin to experience again the harmony, the breath, the light, the life, and the freedom resurrected within through this joining. Each piece is celebrated as they are welcomed home and each piece transfixed, lovestruck in awe of the Puzzle Maker’s intricate design. As each piece joins the unity of their synergy reveals a bit more of the Puzzle Maker’s mind.

    1. Yes and Amen! Thank you for this response! This synergy was indeed the intent of this story but you have challenged me even further than the intent! These filaments are indeed the ancient paths.

    2. Well said Holly!! I love this! Can’t wait to hear more about A. Piece. Great story, you should submit it and the rest to “ uphere radio”

      1. Liz, thank you! I agree whole heartedly that Daniel’s writings should be submitted to uphere radio! Daniel is brilliant, Daniel is an oracle. That anointing flows through him as naturally as water flows in a river. The language Daniel uses is clearly birthed out of Daniel’s secret place with Yahweh. Daniel is one of the very few people I have encountered with the tongue/language of a ready writer (Psalm 45). I recently gave someone a pen that was crafted from a bullet used in the revolutionary war with the word legacy inscribed where most put their monogram. Knowing that our words are the protection for ourselves and others (Hebrews 4:12)-and words birthed from that covenental chamber are “weapons” indeed. When we understand the intention of a weapon (protection) we then quickly understand that words birthed in Him naturally extinguish the enemy’s attempt to derail us-while awakening greater depths of the truth of who we are and the exhilarating opportunity we have to image forth His light to others who are not yet aware of the gifts they have that only they can bring into time and space.

        Yes Daniel please submit to UpHere radio!!!!

  2. Very good, I always like to here stories ever since I was little and when I hear stories like these they remind me of Home.

  3. For one to become whole he needs to connect with others and pieces of himself in others, but also help others find pieces of themselves in him. However this can only take you so far for if you learn in part you will only know in part. So you pioneer to places no one has been before there you meet the One whom you’ve been looking for. There with Him you have full access in RELATIONSHIP, that is key. Here you unlock yourself what was hidden away to be revealed unto you.

  4. No where near as eloquent as the previous comments….YES! I would like to know. Yep! I’ll leave it at that.
    Love this, by the way!

    1. Laurie, I agree. Holly has such a beautiful way of expressing the depths of her heart that I feel like a First Grader! Thanks for your comment. Please feel free to share this!

  5. I was impacted when I read that our destination is within the life of the I Am. Continue with me on our journey. Follow me into the mysteries of life in the I Am. As we together enter into the I Am we are all aware that we are in an all things new reality as a part of and one with the I Am.

    From inside I Am we all hear a loud voice which catches our attention. The I Am is declaring let it start here! Let it start now! I will take this humble web site and make it a beacon to the nations. This site shall be a gathering place for the sons of God. In Oneness in the I Am you are all called to form an I Am body and community. This is where you as a part of the I Am will interact with the other parts of the I Am. As we manifest the I Am to one another, with every piece doing it’s part, we will take on the fullness of the I Am. This will not only change us, but the world!

    In the Spirit of God does this ring true to you? Do you sense God establishing an I Am movement where we all identify and live in an all things new life as a part of Him with each other?

  6. John, yes this is true. There is a shift-an awe inspiring, ever invigorating shift into the confluence of unity. We are in union with I Am and with one another…and indeed what I Am has completed which is now being manifested in time and space will activate life once again throughout creation. It is this intimacy in I Am that will birth many nations. Undoubtedly, as we encounter this shift all that can be perceived will be perceived through this lense. The places within us that have been seeking the more that is life recognize that this union in I Am is absolutely the more we were sent for.

    1. Holly, I agree with you. The I Am is drawing us into a holy intimate union with Himself and one another in Him. But the unity and the oneness of God that He is drawing us into is not within the context of this fallen world’s reality or perspective. As you know the unity and oneness of God only exists within God Himself from within His Kingdom of all Light in its’ reality.

      Jesus is inviting us into an all things new Heavenly Life on earth. He passionately desires us to engage and step into our all things new Heavenly Life that already exists in Him within His Kingdom. In Heaven’s perspective we are already living in the fullness of life in Jesus. We are now in complete and perfect oneness and unity with God and others. But this exists only for those who have engaged their Heavenly Life and have put it on.

      The I Am is calling us to engage and put on our true life in Him in Heaven on earth. He is calling His Heavenly Body to come forth on earth. It is time for the parts of the I Am Body to come together as one body, as one glorious life, and as one holy community.

      The I Am is Breathing Life, Heavenly Life on His Body Parts that are called to come together and be one in Heaven’s reality on earth.

      The questions are, is this what God is now doing? If it is are we being called to be a part of it? And are we willing to give up the worldly life and perspective to put on a heavenly one?

  7. John, I agree with you as well. My answer (to your potentially rhetorical question) is yes. And within that yes every day offers new opportunities to live out that yes in awestruck joy with a heart to obey, Yes it’s true that it is done, and yes I am in the process of learning-constantly as I live that in this dimension of time and space. Knowing that I Am knows my heart and my desire to be fully in Him…His mercy reveals to me continuously the more excellent way to love Him as I love others in and through Him and live out what He places before me. All beauty is in our unity in Him and joining to those we are joined to in Him.

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