Knowledge and The Fear Of The Lord

Knowledge and The Fear Of The Lord

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By the Spirit I began to see a swirling of the color purple. This suddenly changed to the color Indigo— a very deep purple. Feeling as if I was under very deep water,  I thought I was looking at the surface, instead I was looking into the depths. The depths should be darker or Indigo, but instead, was more of a bright purple. I was reminded of the letter Tet.

Tet is a letter of choice. What will you put into your basket?
However, this time, I began to see it as a place of separating. If you will, a separation of the wheat and tares.

It is in this place of Tet where we choose what we will be taking with us on our journey.

Being also reminded of the parable of the five wise and the five foolish virgins, Tet continued to speak. The five wise took and made sure their basket was full of enough oil so that when the sound of the coming of the bridegroom has come, they would be ready. The five foolish virgins chose not to fill their baskets. Tet revealed himself as the color purple. The Spirit of The Fear of The Lord (Ruach Yirath Yahweh)— a place of small beginnings, small choices, leading to a completion of being One in Him!

Chet is a letter of ascension.

It is known as the hovering letter – touching, yet not touching. It is a letter where we ascend to see a different perspective. Yet deeper still, Chet is the yoke of communion. The place where the Vav and Zayin are yoked together, the marriage of our purpose, our love, and our perfection in Him. Chet revealed herself as the color indigo. The Spirit of knowledge (Ruach Da’ath)— the door of revelation to bring about a completion of His word.

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