The Big reveal Part 1


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By Aaron Smith

Earth and all creation are groaning like never before. Through events such as financial crashes, political discord, and groundbreaking scientific discoveries, many have become increasingly aware that we are encountering a significant change in the ages. Some see the signs in the world, some see the signs in the church, others see deeper, into the fullness of the Kingdom.           
Aaron Smith’s personal path following first one dot, then the next, lays a foundation for the reader to take a deeper look and to start or continue their own journey. How do we begin to see our way through a changing world? What is required of us to be part of Yahweh’s revealing in the earth?         
It starts with the unveiling of a dot, which can lead us on a supernatural journey to dimensions in Christ. If we truly believe the promise from Psalm 24:7 and 9, “the King of glory shall come,” we must act like it. From the darkness known as Choshek, Yahweh invites His sons to rise up out of Babylonian slavery, to find and reveal hidden treasures, and to govern from heavenly throne rooms. Those who choose this path will participate in the finish, transforming the groaning frequencies of earth, creation, and the sons of Yahweh into the glorious sounds of complete redemption.

The Big Reveal part 1 by Aaron Smith

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