The Living Letters – Mentor Series

The Living Letters – Mentor Series

The Living Letters – Mentor series was born out of a cry for understanding of the Hebrew Living Letters. There is a deep and hidden mystery awaiting to be discovered.

When Yahweh first began to teach me The Living letters, He began to reveal not only a greater depth of who He is, but also a greater depth who I am in Him. I started to see the Living Letters in all areas of my life. As I dug deeper, the Letters began to show me the path of The over-comer and Peace that passes all understanding. This series will help to unlock the mysteries that have been hidden by only a simple veil.

The Living Letters – Mentor series is an 8 week intensive discovering the depths of the Hebrew alphabet. This includes time for teaching some of the basic understanding of each letter and engaging the living letters for a deeper revelation.

What are participants saying?

What an incredible class! Never have I encountered that magnitude of revelation !!!
It is as though the very LIVING LETTERS, themselves, are excited to be made Known! Perhaps YHVH is fashioning us to enter more fully into co-creation with him!

Barbara Krueger – The Living Letters – Mentor Series participant

There is currently a waiting list. We are trying to keep the class sizes to around 20 participants to allow for a more personal impact. Our next intensive will begin on September 24, 2019. Classes will be held on either Tuesday or Thursday night from 8:30pm to 10:00pm EST for 8 weeks.
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