Waters Deep

Waters Deep

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My words
My thoughts are a deep ocean
A river tumbling
Falling over waterfalls into You
Into Your waves and breakers pouring through the canyons of time
Through the very depths of my soul
Into the recesses of my mind
Catching me up into depths of You
Among galaxies and stars of glory shining
Upon the potter’s wheel with grace redefining
The ocean of me, the waters of me, in the ocean of You
Yahweh dividing, defining within my depths
Separating what is not true
My identity not created, not measured by religion, not determined by the actions or the words of any man
Memories of generations flooded with light as thoughts and intents are separated

Soul and spirit delight as a whirlwind You surround me, drawing waters from Your deep
Drawing them down as streams into my heart
Into my soul to keep, illuminations, revelations into every chamber seep
Never, ever to be afraid
Fearfully and wonderfully made
Thoughts once tumbling over waterfalls are resting, now speaking to my trusting heart
Let there be light
Resting in still waters and bubbling brooks of bliss
Resting against Your heartbeat, reveling in You, dripping with perfume
Saturated with the sacred oils of Your kisses
Ever flowing in rivers from before there was time
For I have always been Yours, You have always been mine
The waters of my being tuned to Your ocean deep
My fragrance wafts from the most inward part of my being,
filling Your senses

You are drawn to me. Your aroma sweet as honey draws me into your side
I eat your bread. I drink your wine
Here in restful luxurious love
My rivers flow in and out, waves of glorious believing
Precious receiving
Valleys and shadows of death fade away in the beauty of me and You
Yes, my heart surely overflows with joy in the midst of pathways unfolding
I am beholding
All now flowing has become gold

Written by Guest Author, Brenda Craig
Artwork by Brenda Craig


Brenda Craig is a published author, artist, prophetic writer, poet and word psalmist whose desire is to know the Lord in all His fullness.
Her writings reflect a deep intimacy with the Lord and are birthed out of her heavenly encounters and prophetic revelation. Brenda’s lives Psalm 45:1 as the ever flowing and unfolding desire of her life.
My heart burst its banks, spilling beauty and goodness. I pour it out in a poem to the king, shaping the river into words. Psalm 45:1 MSG.

Brenda Craig is the founder of Journals of the Heart . Her books Carvings In His Palm: What God Thinks When He Whispers Your Name and Whispering Grass Singing Waters are now available on Amazon. Kissed by God: Soaking Devotionals is available on CD Baby.

Brenda is a graduate of the International Prophetic Mentoring Council’s prophetic training program (IPMC), founded by internationally recognized prophetic teacher and Psalmist, Mary Lindow.

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  1. Brenda is a very gifted writer and artist. I have been so blessed by her many writings and forms of art. She is very humble and displays the fruit of love….very precious in the body of Christ….Irene Peterson

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