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What are some of the students of The School of The Living Letters saying?

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“I’m taking your Living Letters class and thought I might introduce myself. I am a novice at Living Letters but I think they may have been chasing me for a while. I first saw Gimel in my scroll and then I bought “Friends of Eber” to look it up. Skip a little bit…I’ve been following your Daily Living Letters on Facebook and saw the class. I thought it might be interesting but left it at that. Until, the morning of January 16 while praying the Letter Dalet came to me and engulfed me. I found myself inside this letter and I was at a loss. (I had to look up the letter to find the name.) Anyway, I got online and saw that the class was still open and so I signed up. So, here I am. I really don’t think I’m done with the encounter with dalet. I think I’m being given a moment to catch up. When I was listening to last week’s recording today (because I may not always be able to listen live), I was side-eyeing my phone several times because of the things you all were saying. Anyway… just introducing myself. I’m a quiet listener but I must say Yahweh has my attention at the moment. He’s made it obvious I need to be paying attention to the Living Letters! :)”

A Student of The School of The Living Letters

You can still join! We will be recording all of the sessions so they can be watched over and over again (or if you can’t make it to the session). Join us on Patreon

One comment on “What are some of the students of The School of The Living Letters saying?

  1. I too am taking the Living School of The Living Letters. After listening to Aleph last week I was astonished to hear a reference to ‘ezer kenegdo, which I first read about approximately 4 years ago in Skip Moen’s book Guardian angel.
    I confess to understanding the concepts (Greek thinking) but not fully able to recognise what was actually being written about. So this morning I opened it again and guess what? It speaks about all the things we are learning in this class. And we have only been through two so far! There in front of me us Grnesis 1 v26-27 and the words and the letters are all over this book.
    So something YHWH took me to 4 years ago becomes relevant now!
    I really am in the school of the Spirit.
    Thank you Daniel and Donna, for what she shared really prompted me to pull something out of my memory that had been waiting so long to burst out.
    I honour you Daniel, Michelle and my fellow classmates and travellers and I honour YHWH and the 7 Spirits.
    Donna, here I am “pen at the ready…..”bless you

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