All You Have Ever Needed, Sound

All You Ever Needed

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Words could not describe the beauty of what was now before me. The gently sloping meadow meandered to a distant valley. Just beyond lay what seemed like both a mountain range and yet a single mountain. I began to notice that I could not see a sun. Your light was providing the illumination of all that I could see. We both stood there in silence, yet my Spirit was in a constant conversation with You. A deeper conversation than words–one of visions and thoughts. Immense realities beyond what I have ever thought of. Dimensions that seemed to not just exist, but to be entwined with every fiber of my being. Dimensions swirling and intertwining with every cell in my body. I could see the distinction in each dimension, yet see how each dimension was one.

I began to hear Your sound once again resonating back to me–the sound I had released before. This sound exploded much louder and more strongly than the first time I felt and heard the rumble deep in my spirit. My heart leaped at this returning sound. I once again plucked the string of my heart, and the sound I was releasing back to You joined Yours. Instantly Our sound was amplified and this time the resonance of Your sound began to shake not only every fiber of my being, but also the ground I was standing on. In the very depths of my belly the resonance grew and I could tell that something deep inside me was going to erupt. I stood in awe of not only the sound that was now resonating and reverberating from everything around me, but also the ever-increasing crescendo. Suddenly from the depths of my belly, a river began to gush. Rising through my heart, this river exploded from my mouth. I watched as a river began to form and meandered down the slope of our secret place. Every place that the river went plants , trees, flowers, and every imaginable flora began to grow. Beauty beyond imagination was springing up everywhere the river flowed. I could see in the distance as it seemed to disappear just beyond the vanishing point.  I looked at Yashua, and began to ask if we were creating this place together.

You looked at me and said “This place is yours to create. Surprise Me”

“But what do I have to create with?” I asked.

Tsade backpack

I watched as You reached your hand inside my back, and took hold of my heart. What I felt was not a dislodging, but a part of my heart began to move as you pulled this from my back. I could see that there remained a root attached to my heart, as you placed what I can only describe as a backpack. I remembered the Hebrew letter Tzade, and began to look at it a different way. Righteousness, not of myself, but by You and through You was now evident.

You looked at me and said, “ Everything you are, everything I am in you and everything you are in Me, everything you have or will ever need has always been inside you. No longer will you struggle to discover what there is, because I have made it plain for you to see.” Wonder, amazement, and yet a Holy fear began. I could see that Ruach Yirath Yahweh, the Spirit of the Fear of the Lord accompanied the revelation of the Tzade backpack.

You continued, “All you have to do is reach in, and it will be.”

A Holy fear immediately resonated inside and I knew that access to the Tzade backup could only come by permission and choice. Permission, as I knew I needed Your heart to agree, and my choice to make it tangible.

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