The Colors Ocean Deep

The Colors Ocean Deep

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The colors, orange shined brilliantly so

Thank you, Oh Creator King

That I bring in dusk and dawn

I render all my hue to You

In radiant praise

The color blue sang too

The sky, the heavens, oh render I praise

Heavens and waters and oceans deep

Surely You Oh God have highly favored me

Each color rang out with declarations of praise

Green for life’s bud and purple in petals of flowered passions dew

Yellow shone bright as the noon day sun

Streaming and beaming knowing he is the favoured one

Now Father loved each and every color true

And as they praised Him He asked

May I share your favor and color with all

At first the thought of another thing to interrupt this one on one time

Was beyond the scope of the colors being

However in yielding, they bowed

Soon Orange blended with blue

Green came too..purple and red and yellow burst

Brilliance in united praise, each radiating their own deep hues

Yet together, instead of just a stroke of the Masters brush

Together, they became His very Master Peace.

by Dr. Cathleen Schmitt

Author of Ascensions Reign


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