Shout From The Mountain

Shout from The Mountain

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Shout from The Mountain

I want to stand on a mountain and scream as loud as I can. The revelations of You, Yahweh grow stronger and deeper, and the only release I can see is to stand on this mountain and declare! Your peace passes all understanding and the joy I feel can not be contained. Truth is Yahweh, sometimes I really don’t understand the love you have given me for my world, and even those I don’t know. I am reminded of the scripture – “I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh” and I am seeing this fulfilled. I am hearing people talk about the same things I am hearing from You. Yahweh give us the wisdom, Your love, and the heart to see the cry of all of your creation.

Some days there are no words that can explain! I’ll just scream instead!


Dalet Lamed Tsade

A portal to realms, dimensions, dreams and visions is open. Being one that rises above with a new perspective – crying out from the heart of Yahweh as righteous sons in perfect communion with Him.


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