The Reason You Were Set Apart

The Reason You Were Set Apart

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Ripped away from all you’ve ever known
tumbling, spiraling, falling to the earth
No longer a part of that which you have always felt
surrounded by the unfamiliar
yet somehow knowing you have been set apart
No longer swaying in the wind from the branch
the world seems a much different place
The wind, the rain, and the sun all seem to rip at the very core of who you are
The hard shell that had once protected you begins to soften
as you wonder why the very things that seem to bring your life
we’re tearing apart the very walls that had kept you safe

Still you know you have been set apart

In what seems like even the very end of despair
you cry out
“Yahweh, I need you”
suddenly a burst of light from your very core
flashes into the very beginning of something you’ve never seen before
Surrounded by the darkness
you stretch for the light that burst from out of your heart
You break through the veil
and finally begin to see what the whole process had been forming in you
With new eyes
as a new creature
you finally understand why you’ve been set apart
Yahweh was making you into what you were always meant to be
A mighty Oak
the reason you were set apart.

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