The Narrow Hall to The Door of Choice

The Narrow Hall to The Door of Choice

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Looking down a narrow hallway I see a large wooden door. The same door I had seen just the day before. Seeing all of this by the Spirit, I pondered it’s meaning. The living letter Dalet is a picture of a door and a place of choice, but why the narrow hallway? Is this a place of focus? A place of constraint and determination?
Watching as the vision played out day to day, I was only left with pondering on the choice I would make. But first, I needed to traverse the narrow hallway. I have been in times when situations seemed tight and even a little foreboding before, and this felt no different. Yet the urgency persisted.

Wisdom cried out! NEVER FORGET MY PEACE!

“My Spirit within you will always lead you in the path you should go. Even when you feel I Am not there, I Am always with you. I will never leave you or forsake you. I Need you! You, my son, you are the connection of Heaven and Earth. All can see My handiwork of creation, but it is in you they see My Spirit! I have brought you to Our Secret Place, and you have chosen to stay! The narrow hall and the door of choice are, and have always been, OPEN.
Welcome to My depths.”


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