Resonance Returned

Resonance Returned
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In the distance I heard a sound,
A sweet harmonious sound, yet just a single note

The moment I perceived Your sound, my heart skipped as though it changed its rhythm to a frequency yet seen
My heart gently resonated as remembrance stirred
A sound I had always known
A faithful sound , yet muted by stone
My ears leaned in as to capture a moment, a moment just ahead

Eagerly anticipating the arrival of Your sound
The sound of a king returning to his court heralding the return of peace.

Yet, a shaking, a rumbling, was stirring
The stone that had surrounded my heart began to crack as an avalanche of Your love flooded the craggy knolls that had once imprisoned my heart

As I walked to the rocks and placed one in my hand, I watched as it crumbled to sand

An illusion of my own making

Freedom, Release

The resonance of Your sound filling every fiber of my being
Then, a deep yearning grew in my spirit

I longed to return Your sound

As I journeyed into my heart I saw where once was stone


Illuminating every recess of my heart
No longer under the weight of the sandy rocks I had built
I plucked the string of my heart
Your sound returned
The single note became a harmony
A harmony of One
Amplified into an infinite crescendo
I returned every note you played

As I looked with my eyes

A crescendo of Your sound

Walls of slavery, walls of poverty, walls of lack crumbled as sand

Our sound now free to join the symphony of Your Sons
Resonating Your sound

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