Treasure from The Darkness

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Darkness fell. The total absence of light was beyond anything I had ever experienced before. I was aware that I seemed to be standing, or was I? In this pitch black I could not be sure of anything. I felt as if I was standing on firm ground, but without a point of reference I could be lying flat on my face and never know it. Utter stillness surrounded me, yet fear was nowhere to be found. The one thing I was sure of was the peace that permeated my heart, my mind and my senses. Distracted by the darkness, I suddenly became aware. I began to sense Your presence. Deep inside I knew You had always been there, but this place was new to me. As a child, this sort of darkness would have frightened me as my mind would have created all manner of monsters, goblins and a myriad of other scary things.

This darkness was different.

Is this Khoshek? Is this the place of unrevealed light? I remembered stories of sailors who were able to sail across the world by starlight. But even they had the stars as light in the darkness they were navigating. I had none of that. Why Am I here? What is this place? What is the purpose of being here? The questions darted as shooting stars bouncing off the confines of my mind. Yet peace and Your presence still remained.

A gentle breeze began to blow. I could sense the wind was coming toward me as the coolness washed over my face and chest. My heart and mind began to meditate on Your presence. I began to think of the fire that I had felt while looking at the explosion of color from the setting sun over the water. In this total darkness I was unsure whether my eyes were closed or not. Yet, I opened my eyes, and looked toward my chest. A faint ember began to glow.

This breeze – this wind of Your breath – fed the ember and the glow became brighter still as I felt the fire still trapped inside of the ember. Then, I heard Your voice,

“Look around you.”

I looked towards my feet, and I realized that the light coming from the ember had now begun to shine to the point where I could see a small area surrounding my feet. A glimmering reflection caught my eye, and I quickly strained to see what had caused it. Kneeling down to see allowed the light that  was still ever-growing to bring into focus what had caused the shimmering. It was a sapphire. Nearly indistinguishable before in the blackness, and brightened only by Your light in me, the deepness of the blue was beyond description. I once again heard Your voice.

“Take these sapphires, and build what I instruct you to build.”

The light became brighter still and I could see more sapphires than I could count surrounding me. I began to pick them up one by one, and laid them down again to form what I had heard You say. Moment by moment and day by day, I carefully placed the sapphires and finished the task you had laid before me. I stood back and was amazed. Not only by the magnificent structure of design you had me build, but also at the brilliance of the light now shining brighter still in the ember of my heart.

Your wind began to blow stronger.

The ember of my heart burst into flames, but was still contained within my skin. Then I heard your sound. The rumble I had heard before, but much more distinct. My flesh began to respond as I heard Your sound resonating out of the core of my heart– My sound resonating Your sound. Change came over my flesh and it responded to sounds, both from without and within. Harmony built layer upon layer, and a depth beyond understanding and sound breathed into the flame of my heart. The fire no longer contained within my skin, I burst into flames.

5 Comments on “Treasure from The Darkness

  1. Swimming in the mystery, transfixed in the divine following the path past understanding into the place of true design…encountering a darkness overtaken by peace and the overwhelming desire to be completely still. A holy hush has brought me here-guided by the Spirit of the Fear of the Lord. Awe and reverence rush throughout me… I have come to this place that beckons me and I know I have been here before. Return to me my memory oh mystery divine-restore to me the knowing that exist outside of time. I sit down and breathe deeply honoring this place. I breathe in this great mystery and breathe out honor and grace. I trust completely and know this mystery is what I have been searching for so I remain fully present in this moment cherishing every breath for no moment is without meaning, beauty and depth.


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