The Resonance of harmony

The Resonance of Harmony

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I began to shake with a rumble that felt like it would break apart the fiber of my existence. My chest shook in a resonating frequency that felt like an explosion of joy. The air became thick with anticipation and ripe with heaviness as the smell of a fresh rain filled the place I had stood. I knew instantly that this rain would not extinguish the fire, but only serve to allow it to grow. I remained silent listening to Your sound and allowing the resonance of my heart to rumble deeper still. Expectation added to the silence and I could hardly stand the anticipation.

There it was. In the depths of the harmony I heard Your voice, clearer than I had ever heard before. A still small voice– A harmony that speaks. I pressed in to listen more intently and Your voice joined a crescendo of harmony – a resonance of Your frequency building, growing – Thundering.

The vibration of Your Sound exploded from my chest, and I began to speak. The earth beneath me responded to Your sound coming from my voice– and harmony responded.

Your word returned. Your word fulfilled.

I Am Transfigured.

Your light emanating from my heart allowed me to see to the horizon of all you were showing me. Darkness lay beyond the edge.

Awakened, everything was different.

I found that the temporal timeline of what I thought had always been my existence was only a lower dimension of where You and I are. Yet even that lower dimension responded to the breath I had breathed.

Out of the house of the Lord a sound will arise

the sound of the sons taking their place

A sound of fullness

A sound of completion

A sound of Royalty seated

And You said to me –

I AM the air, you are the wind

I AM the sea, you are the waves

I AM the sound, you are the harmony

I AM the lightning, you are the thunder

I AM the water, you are the rain

I AM the clouds, you are the storm

I AM the Way, you are the path

I AM the Truth, you are the Word

I AM the Life, you are חיי עולם – Chayei Olam

I AM the flame, you are the fire

I AM the valley, you are the meadow

I AM the mountain, you are the rock


We are One

We are Zion

2 Comments on “The Resonance of Harmony

    1. I couldn’t agree more! that was exactly how I felt as Yahweh was showing this to me! So often all I can do is remain silent and…. BE!

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