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By Cassondra Beers


Tears for tears as I am rent asunder

Torn in two, ripped, and broken,

I am the Veil and

Crucifixion has unwoven me

“My God, my God, why have You forsaken me?”

From top to bottom I am torn,

And the very Earth is shaken and altered so that

Death and Life are again made One

And Resurrection brings the increase,

But I am first lain in the grave,

A broken, bleeding form,

Threads severed, Tapestry unmade

Within the Darkness hidden, yet to be revealed,

Cut and bleeding until the Essence—oh my Lifeblood!—

is poured out and returned

in order to be placed in new Form,

To create a new Tapestry,

“And I will pour to my Spirit on all nations”

My Essence in new Forms shall be as I become unmade,

And then, after I’ve become completely nothing,

Resurrection brings me back to my original form

And now We are increased,


As the new forms and the original forms interact with each other—


“Greater things than these”

And I am rewoven, I am repaired,

As the multiplied Essence that I have poured out returns to me

And I again come to Life and I rise from the Dead

I give and I take as I am and I’m not

And Yahweh is all that there is.

One comment on “Tear

  1. This is a beautiful poem. I am so thankful for the heart of Yashua to follow His Father, and the heart of Yahweh’s love for us by giving us Yashua. As I read the poem, I began to see 2 perspectives – The heart cry of Yashua and my own hearts cry.

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