Anthology | The Infinite Symphony

The Infinite Symphony

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The conductor, with his hands outstretched, to begin the music
of the infinite symphony

Those who are listening anticipating and
resonating sounds they already know
Each trumpet, each flute, each trombone, and each tuba
The drums, the cymbals, The timpani, and the xylophone
Each French horn, saxophone and clarinet
Each sound, each note already released in the heart
of every musician
The music is played and hearts are stirred as the frequency and vibration stir the soul to remembrance of a sound
they have always known

The conductor’s hand instructing the beat as he allows each instrument, each section to give their sound as the rest of the orchestra lays the foundation
for them to stand
Those who hear begin to ascend, begin to fly, as the beating of a different sound begins to fall off as chains from the prisoner, their eyes looking towards the conductor their ears straining for the sound their hearts beating for the vibration, and their soul resonating the symphony within and without
Each change of Key ruled by the circle of fifths, and each offbeat strike only serving to complete the sound
Still the sound of the infinite symphony – each instrument, each section,
each drum, and each harp; –
each listener resonating the endless crescendo
built in the heart of the conductor

The harmony of Your symphony
resonates Your sound
Each sound unique
Each sound distinct
Each sound in crescendo
Of the fullness of who You are in us and who we are in You

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