The Sign of Jonah ׳ונה

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Remembering fond memories, as a child, always lead me to when my mother would read Bible stories out of our huge Children’s Bible Story Book. All three of us children would listen attentively. Her passion and love for Yahweh would pour out in dramatic form as she would speak for Yahweh in her loving motherly “Deep Voice” that always made us both giggle and reflect– Reflect on Yahweh’s plan for our lives, our childish rants of learning right from wrong, and how the little voice inside was really the voice of Holy Ghost.

One story always stood out, the story of Jonah and the Whale. Listening in expectation, I would always wonder what was going through the mind and heart of Jonah as he heard Yahweh’s voice. Why would Jonah want to run away from Yahweh’s presence? Then, I would remember the times of selfishness that would always provoke one of my mother’s famous statements, “Be sure your sins will find you out.” I wanted to run every time she said it. Was Jonah’s mother was like mine?

Suddenly, a new perspective.

 Wondering about Jonah’s name, or Yonah as it is pronounced in the Hebrew to English transliteration, I began to look at the Living Letters contained in his name.

Yod – The all-spark of creation, the little (Dot) that contains much, and it can also be seen as a seed. The Word of Yahweh is likened to a seed. Amos 9:13 speaks of the plowman overtaking the reaper. In other words, a seed was planted followed by an immediate harvest. (Look at the fish & loaves story in John 4:31-38)

Vav – The Heaven and Earth connection, tent peg, and security (fastening). Vav also represents Man. In looking at the tent peg, Isaiah 54:2 KJV says, “Enlarge the place of thy tent, and let them stretch forth the curtains of thine habitations: spare not, lengthen thy cords, and strengthen thy stakes.” This verse implies choice as the “Stakes” (Vav) are moved to enlarge the tent. Yonah’s experience was solely based on his perception and choice.

Nun – One description of Nun can be seen as a son, an heir, if you will, a humbled prince. Humility is shown by the way that the top if the Nun is bent over in humility. Ironically, one of the pictures of Nun is also a Fish!

Hei – Hei can be seen as breath. In particular, I have always seen Hei as our return breath back to Yahweh. “My word goes forth into all the earth and it will not return back to me void. We have heard the word of Yahweh and have responded to that word!

Memories of childhood and seeing myself as Yonah flooded my heart.

Jonah hearing a word (Yod) from Yahweh, reacted out of his flesh (Vav), running from Yahweh’s presence. Getting on board a vessel heading to Tarshish, Yonah experiences what was already going on in his heart— The storm of knowing. To save those on the vessel, Yonah asks to be thrown overboard. A great fish (Nun) swallows Yonah up as the process of humility (Nun) matures during the three days in the belly of the great fish. Being spit up on the shore, Yonah journeys to Ninevah where he returns the word (Hei) Yahweh had given him, preaching to the Ninevites.

What is The Sign of Jonah? CHOICE.

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  1. that is so awesome a wonderful way to look at this journey of man of Yahweh thanks for sharing with us

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